Friday, December 10, 2010

Senso Wilma: The Shoes that Makes Lita look like a Cheap Hooker

The final days of schools, exams, and preparation for my thesis presentation (which is TODAY AT 1:30PM!) has seriously fried by brain. As shoe addicted as I am, I've been going through some withdrawals lately because I haven't been really updating myself with the latest "It" trends.

For a while it was the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita", which came in a assortment of colors and EVERYONE posted photos of. The shoe was sold out everywhere, and in fact, Im still waiting for a pair in black to arrive at Eilatan ( They are $143 (without return rights) and honestly I dont think I would pay anything more for them. I'm trying to think about what I could possibly wear them with without looking like a hooker. I  already have way too many shoes that I could never wear to an interview and still be taken seriously, of course with the exception of those hideous Talbots shoes my mom got me to look less Miami Beach and more like a 40 year old mother of four. Lita is an ugly shoe, but theres just something so unique about it that I have to bring a pair home, even if it means I'm still investing into the "young and trashy" look.

The Wilma is a different kind of shoe; at least the front of the shoe doesn't look like something straight out of the Ugly Section in Hot Topic like the Lita. Im having a Hamlet moment right now: to buy the Wilma, or to not buy the Wilma....that is the question. For $160 bucks I could put that towards that Michael Kors watch I wanted to get for my boyfriend or pay off some bills......

Kenza made a mention on her blog about these at . Same with Andy T from Stylescrapbook ( I have yet to see them worn on any fashion blogger, but Im sure we will in the days to follow...


  1. I ordered these in the leopard print and only got to try them on before someone pilfered them from me. But I do have to say that you should get these instead of the Litas. There's something that just screams 70s costume party with the Litas, while the Wilmas seem a bit more updated.

    Also, I did order the Wilmas in silver glitter. I'll let you know how that works out.

  2. these are amazing, love the glitter!!

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  3. I really appreciate that you admit that the Lita's are "an ugly shoe"! I'm a big fan of anything that makes me taller than my 4'11", but the Campbells remind me of the shoes people wear when they have club feet. Mixed with frankenstein and mean-spirited 70's pimp. Love your blog!