Monday, December 13, 2010


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shoes too Hot for Santas feet this Xmas

     I was always told that Christmas is a time of giving, a time of love, friendship, family. It also a season for hideous christmas character sweaters, repetitive cheesy holiday music, and a Thanksgiving dinner with a name change (with the same after effects: *asking my friend on the phone* "Brittany, does it look like Im a muffin top?" , response: "WHY YES, IT DOES".
     Lets fast forward to the whole part about "giving". Every year my parents give me money, while other parents decide to give their kids 1) nothing or 2) really expensive technology like a new Ipod or Ipad. There's nothing wrong with money since you can use it anywhere you want without the hassle of receiving something so hideous you just want it to evaporate in your lap back to the shelf it came from.
     What do I want this year? Well, I'd like to think that Im a pretty thoughtful considering the economy is getting "better" but still lurking at the bottom of a toilet, I'm just going to go with SHOES OF COURSE.
      The best shoes to receive this season either from your poor self, fashion forward boyfriend, or mother who caught onto the fact volvo driving soccer mom look doesn't suit you:
          1) The Jeffrey Campbell Lita: By far one of the most popular shoes this year with fashion bloggers, fashion blog followers, and people sick of Uggs who'd like to graduate onto something more fugg-ly.
             TIP: Dont get these at SOLESTRUCK. Every time I've received an email notification for my size that was restocked in black I find out  its already been sold out.

           2)  Senso "Wilma" : Cuter than the Lita by a long shot...its like the "prettier kardashian sister" to Lita who can look like an Olsen Twin on her way to church if not worn with the proper attire.
             TIP: Only sold at SOLESTRUCK, so maybe worth the wait for other places to start getting
them. WTF online shoe retailers, cant you stock enough goodies for the rest of us who don't haunt your sites 24/7 for things to return in stock!?
         3) Jessica Simpson "Dhany" : The shoe my friends like to call my "hooker heels" but look cute no matter how trashy they look. I like to wear them with skinny jeans since its a more tailored looking (less Miami Beach as my mom would put it)
         4) ASOS Ames boot: I like them, I really do....I want them, im lusting for them...but Im getting the serious feeling that people will think Im a NUN! Whatever...a cute approach to trying to look like a good church girl on her way to pick some drunk Boston guys at a bar.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Senso Wilma: The Shoes that Makes Lita look like a Cheap Hooker

The final days of schools, exams, and preparation for my thesis presentation (which is TODAY AT 1:30PM!) has seriously fried by brain. As shoe addicted as I am, I've been going through some withdrawals lately because I haven't been really updating myself with the latest "It" trends.

For a while it was the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita", which came in a assortment of colors and EVERYONE posted photos of. The shoe was sold out everywhere, and in fact, Im still waiting for a pair in black to arrive at Eilatan ( They are $143 (without return rights) and honestly I dont think I would pay anything more for them. I'm trying to think about what I could possibly wear them with without looking like a hooker. I  already have way too many shoes that I could never wear to an interview and still be taken seriously, of course with the exception of those hideous Talbots shoes my mom got me to look less Miami Beach and more like a 40 year old mother of four. Lita is an ugly shoe, but theres just something so unique about it that I have to bring a pair home, even if it means I'm still investing into the "young and trashy" look.

The Wilma is a different kind of shoe; at least the front of the shoe doesn't look like something straight out of the Ugly Section in Hot Topic like the Lita. Im having a Hamlet moment right now: to buy the Wilma, or to not buy the Wilma....that is the question. For $160 bucks I could put that towards that Michael Kors watch I wanted to get for my boyfriend or pay off some bills......

Kenza made a mention on her blog about these at . Same with Andy T from Stylescrapbook ( I have yet to see them worn on any fashion blogger, but Im sure we will in the days to follow...